Baronessa Cali Oliva Green, Extracts of Italian Olive Oil

These essential ingredients will leave your skin and hair smoothed and softened, stimulated and healed, and toned and firmed without an oily greasy texture. They give you the: BENEFITS OF THE OLIVE WITHOUT THE OILINESS.

In the 19th century, on an olive tree grove, on the outskirts of Rome by the Mediterranean Sea, the Roman nobles discovered the Cali Beauty Farm. There, based upon ancient home made recipes, passed down from generation to generation, the nobles enjoyed and benefited from our recipes. Since the creation of the Cali Beauty Farm, their philosophy has been to treat the outside and the inside of our bodies with the same care while using the finest ingredients. It is with great pleasure that they share their secrets with you.  EXTRACTS OF ITALIAN OLIVE OIL - Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene and Squalene will leave your skin soft, smooth and firm. Each of their products feature the primary ingredients of olive oil, namely, Vitamin A - antioxidant, skin regenerative properties, helps the skin stay soft, smooth and firm, increases elasticity, anti-aging benefits. Vitamin E - antioxidant with skin moisturizing systems and prevent skin irritation, anti-inflammatory properties. Beta Carotene - antioxidant and photoprotection properties. Squalene - is an excellent moisturizer and lubricant, help reduce skin irritation.

Baronessa Cali Oliva Green

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