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Hyascent is here to bring a beautiful welcome into your home or office.

Born from the simple need for a high-quality home fragrance diffuser that doesn’t require sticks, cords, outlets, batteries or apps, the vision of founder and top-selling San Francisco realtor Helena Zaludova became one of elegance and sophistication. The journey to develop Hyascent’s award-winning design took Helena from a cozy California design studio to perfumeries in France, villages in the Czech Republic, a woodshop in the Midwest that accepted a task others had deemed undoable, and, finally, a factory in Pennsylvania specializing in hand assembly. Turn Over a New Scent™ with an hourglass diffuser that works as easily as it looks, and looks as attractive as it smells.

Let a little luxury into your life.

This is the fragrant accent piece every home should have. Find the scent that speaks to your soul, and then enjoy it for up to 6 months. You know where to find us when it’s time for a refill. Always there. Never overpowering. A truly beautiful scent is subtle, with fleeting strength. We designed our diffuser to capture both at your control. It’s more for a specific place than an entire space. 

Give a luxury gift for the home. They’ll love it every time they walk through their door.

  1. Hyascent lasts up to 6 months depending on how often it’s turned over to saturate.  
  2. Hyascent is refillable – we offer refills in all our fragrances
  3. Hyascent is made in the USA, the company is based in San Francisco, wood is hand turned in the Midwest, and assembled in Pennsylvania.
  4. The people who have it LOVE it and have come back for more to beautify other rooms in their homes.
  5. The fragrances are super high-end and they are designed to not over-power but to last a long time.
  6. It’s easily stored and transported – make sure to keep the original box and caps.  Just take it apart, put the cap back on the full bottle, stick the wood in a baggie and off you go (good if you have a scent that you want to take out for a certain season or are a realtor who wants to make their open house smell “on brand”).

Tips for best results

  • Be sure to screw in the bottles tight.
  • How does it work?  The wood wicks the fragrance while it drips through and as it dries it permeates the environment.  It has 20x more surface area (than the typical reed diffuser) for the fragrance to evaporate combined with the enclosed system means you get a longer lasting diffuser.
  • At first turn it over 3 - 5 times so the wood appears evenly saturated.  Then we recommend only turning the diffuser over 1 – 2x day.   Once the wood is saturated (the color of the wood will appear more consistent) let it dry – that’s how the fragrance gets into the room
  • Can you touch the wood?  It’s not harmful to touch, but once you screw it in, we recommend turning it over by handling the glass.  It’s just cleaner and more natural.
  • What are the fragrances made of?  They are oil-based perfumes with essential oils.     
Room recommendations:  Bourbon Joy & California Chill are stronger and will perform well in larger spaces, like entry areas etc.  Hip To That is great for smaller spaces like offices or bedrooms.
Hyascent Home and Office Fragrances 
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