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Lady Primrose's continues to take the utmost care in creating finest products in bath, body and home fragrance with enduring qualities.

Creating luxurious experiences comes naturally at Lady Primrose's. Born into the finest of traditions and surroundings. In 1990 The Lanesborough London's finest hotel, adjacent to Buckingham Palace, commissioned Lady Primrose's to create exceptional bathing luxuries for their distinguished clientele. Caroline Rose Hunt teamed with friend and business partner Vivian Young to develop a line of products suited for the hotel's discriminating guests. Working with a French parfumer and an English toiletry house, the duo researched archival recipes dating back to 1677. Their research proved successful, launching Lady Primrose's signature fragrance, Tryst and its companion Royal Extract. Presented with an opportunity they could not turn down, Lady Primrose's President, Shirley Pieratt and Vice President of Sales Deby Fowler purchased the company in the fall of 2006. Their vision continues to cater to the niche market of luxury bath & body products for specialty retailers and premier hotels throughout the world. Together Shirley's advertising and marketing background drives the creative focus and Deby's extensive retail sales experience guides Lady Primrose to the next generation of luxury. As a women-owned and managed company, our core values of integrity, supportive relationships, consistency and exceptional performance are fundamental in product and business practices.  As the market continues to grow and change, so does our company. One thing remains constant - our desire to create beautiful packaging filled with exceptional product bringing beauty to you and your home. We go to such great lengths because we, too, delight in using Lady Primrose everyday.

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