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Lafco's unique candle in a hand blown glass vessel is filled with the finest fragrance in a soy blended candle and they have 100% cotton wicks to maximize burn time and increase fragrance delivery. Lasting over 90 hours, this clean burning candle, in their one of a kind glass, can transform any space.

Bricks and mortar may be all it takes to build a house or an apartment, but only people can bring the space to life and make it a home. House & Home is Lafco NY celebration of people and the way we live. If we are just starting out or moving into the house of our dreams, we all go through the same daily journey from morning to evening. The hand blown glass diffusers filled with natural essential oil based fragrances, unite home fragrance with art to create the perfect ambiance. Lafco's solvent-free coconut oil-based soap is made with an extraordinary 14% olive oil, almond oil and silk protein blend which produces a moisturizing and creamy lather. The soap is hard milled, air dried and scented with essential oil based fragrance. Free of: BHT, EDTA, parabens and sulfates. Vegan and cruelty free.

When the candle or Diffuser is gone, the art glass stands on its own and will continue to be an extraordinary accent in any home. From flowers to pencils, the Lafco House & Home glassware has a myriad of uses for years to come!

Lafco NY House & Home Luxury Candles, Diffusers, Soaps & Hand Care

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