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Le Blanc Linen Wash products are recommended by all our Luxury Linen manufacturers.

Linens both new and antique are conserved and restored by Linen Wash products. These unique products are designed especially for the care of all washable household linens. Linen Wash products have a neutral pH balance making it safe for cleaning vintage linens, lace and even precious Egyptian cotton sheets. Yet it is effective in removing stains from red wine, lipstick, "foxing" or aging without the use of bleach, caustics or phosphates. Le Blanc Linen Wash is the original registered cold water cleanser as seen in House Beautiful, Victoria, and Family Circle magazines. Since 1985, Le Blanc Linen Wash, Inc. has built an outstanding reputation for producing the highest quality specialty cleansers for the home textile industry.

Le Blanc - Many years ago, our Master Chemist was approached by the owners of a specialty linen shop. They were having difficulty removing various types of stains such as dried blood, grease, and lipstick. He knew that a quality cleanser was required to remove these stains as well as maintain and preserve distinctive linens. He accepted the challenge. After a six-month period of lab work, experimenting, and testing, he developed a product that would safely clean all linens. His formula was named LINEN WASH. The proprietors of the linen shop were astonished with its effectiveness. LINEN WASH not only cared for their new, high- quality linens but also restored the original beauty to antique linens. After using our product on their own valued linens, LINEN WASH was test marketed in their own store with great results. In the spring of 1986, LINEN WASH made a very successful national debut. Since that time it has been made available only to finer department and specialty stores. Le Blanc, Inc is still a family owned and operated business located in Tampa, Florida

Le Blanc Linen Wash

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