Lothantique editeur de parfums

At the heart of Haute Provence, Lothantique offers a beautiful world of well-being for the body and the house.

In a clear and simple spirit, our fragrances recall the sweet smells of our childhood ... Come join us in this country, where life is good! The history of the company began in Châteauneuf-Val-Saint-Donat in the 1920s at the foot of the Lure ... At that time, it was covered with lavender fields. Josephine, the energetic and strong ancestor of the family, created a distillery of perfume plants: the Mouranchon Frères society. Nestor, the great uncle, settles like "nose" in the capital ... Little by little, products based on essential oils are supplemented by lavender in canvas bag, soaps, eau de toilette. In 1987, Joséphine's little children, Domy and Denis Vogade took over the family business to give birth to LOTHANTIQUE, a name inspired by a work by Pagnol where it is a question of cultivating a plant that grows only in books.

Linge Blanc, also known as White Linen is fresh and stylish note gives the atmosphere a pure elegance. Touches of nobility and refinement for a collection in shades of white. Scent is Freesia, Lily of the Valley & White Musk.

J' Entends, Remember the beach with this sea urchin shaped soap scented with the fresh air of the open sea! Scent is Bergamot, Water Lily & White Musk. Very soft, it generates a fine and unctuous foam and leaves the skin scented. Daily use, suitable for all skin types.


Lothantique editeur de parfums

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