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Mr&Mrs Fragrance is proudly Italian, but it looks at the entire world the world with a curious and attentive eye.

It is based in Italy, homeland of the western art and it is influenced by the beauty and the brightness of this country. However, Mr&Mrs Fragrance always observes any interesting aspect you can find the world all over, to transfer it into our products and perfumes. The Made in Italy characterizing Mr&Mrs Fragrance, is synonym of quality of thinking, aesthetics, manufacturing and details.

Mr&Mrs Fragrance is a cocktail of interests and values that Mr. Massimo Esposito e Mrs.Simona Guerini have discovered and cultivated over 5 years of collaboration: passion for travelling, photography, arts and perfumes used in different cultures around the world. Since 2010, Massimo and Simona have gathered a group of passionate entrepreneurs, sharing a common vision: to create a brand, that is representative of the world of perfumes and design, expressed through technology.

Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s home perfumery is closely related to interior design. The colourful shapes of our scenting products, combined with more than 23 fragrances of our collection, characterize both the vivacity and the modernity of living and working spaces.

Mr&Mrs Fragrance’s perfumes function is to transfer and to amplify positive emotions, to make the environments more pleasant, as well as the user wellbeing. The pursuit of research and innovation, has led Mr&Mrs Fragrance to utilize, sophisticated and innovative systems for diffusing and modulating the fragrances.

Innovation is at the core of the aesthetic-functional research through which, the designers summoned by Mr&Mrs Fragrance, characterize every single product of the collection. All of the products and perfumes by Mr&Mrs Fragrance, meet the most stringent and updated safety standards, both for the consumer and the environment.

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