Scentennials Scented Drawer Linenrs

Each set contains 6 sheets, size 16.5 X 22

The lovely soft and pleasant floral designs are very popular because the designs are so compatible with any kind of décor.  The solid weight of the paper and our great selection of colors and fragrances are the reason this collection is so sought after.  Comes with a complimentary matching colored pearl pigment box. Neira Gordon is the owner of Scentennials Products a, US company that specializes in fine scented products. Neira was born in Venezuela where she developed an interest for perfume and scents. Moving to the USA, she pursued a career in sales and marketing in Florida and Texas. Her combination of sales and marketing experience together with a passion for scents led to the creation of Scentennials Products. After 23 years the company still enjoys a great reputation and services many of the companies that found them at the first Gift Show in California in 1989.

Scentennials Original Scented Drawer Linenrs

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