BALLA FOR MEN - Powder for Real Men

Balla Powder is a line of talcum powders with a singular mission... to leave your "boyz" feeling dry and comfortable.

Featuring three distinct scents -- Original, Tingle & Fragrance-Free -- these powders have what it takes to ward off the dreaded "bat wings" and other minor crotch-related issues. The Balla Body Spray for Men is stronger than a deodorant but lighter than a cologne, mega-clean scented spray provides additional freshness when it’s not convenient to powder up.This men's powder can be used anywhere on the body (especially down there) to remain dry or smell good. Simply sprinkle into hand and apply to desired area to provide a dry and comfortable feeling with a cool masculine fragrance. Asbestos-free. Paraben-free. Alcohol and Aluminum-Free. Now available in Original, Fragrance-Free and Tingle Formula. That's totally nuts. 

Balla For Men - Body Powder and Body Spray

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