GOLDDACHS & Pfeilring Vintage Shaving, Manicure Sets and Personal Care - strong brands with history. 

Hand crafted manicure-instruments and cutlery. Brilliant quality, functionality and durability have characterized Pfeilring products for over a century.

Germany is world renowned for producing the highest quality steel. Dating back to the Middle Ages, Solingen became known for the finest craftsmanship of knives, swords, scissors, razors and other types of precision instruments. During medieval times, early metal work, considered an art, was done by “craft guilds” of steel workers. These early craftsmen were trained in hand metal working such as: forging, bending, shaping, grinding, polishing or sharpening. Specialization of tasks and a growing demand for precision became the Solingen way of blade making…along with a high quality standard and great respect for hand work. Since 1896, PFEILRING located in Solingen Germany produces superior quality manicure instruments like scissors, tweezers and files which carry a lifetime guarantee. PFEILRING is sold in 60 countries worldwide and is synonymous for high precision.

GOLDDACHS Shaving & Pfeilring Manicure Sets and Personal Care

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Feather Blades (5 Blades)


Hi Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades by Feather (5 Blades). Made by Feather in Japan. Contains five blades. The Feather Safety Razor Company manufactures the highest quality shaving razors in the world. The Hi-Stainless Platinum Double Edge Razor Blade is generally considered the sharpest blade on the market. The blades fit any standard double-edge razor handle. These blades are super sharp and will give you a smooth, close shave and last for 7-10 shaves or more depending on your beard hair. Excellent value for money. 5 pack individually wrapped.

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