Knightsbridge Shaving Cream and Pre-Shave Oil

Fine Shaving Cream and Pre-Shave Oil, Made in England.

Named for an affluent district of London home to leafy gardens and grand Victorian homes, Knightsbridge Shaving Co. makes grooming products for the discerning gentleman in all of us. Each jar of shaving cream is formulated with essential oils and other top-notch ingredients to give you a luxurious experience every day. There’s the company’s signature shaving cream: a masculine scent built around woody notes of cedar, patchouli, and resins with a subtle aromatic freshness. Along with the bay rum shaving cream, a herbaceous scent with woody, spicy, and sugary notes, there’s the charcoal shaving cream, which blends strong cedarwood and sea-bleached sandalwood with fruity floral notes and a hint of coffee. And there are even more scents to choose from!

Also available is the Knightsbridge Pre-Shave Oil - Put a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand, then gently massage it into your beard bristles. Wait a few seconds, apply your shaving cream as you normally would, and enjoy your shave.

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