Castle Forbes Collection of Fine Fragrances and Gifts 

Castle Forbes offers a refreshing range of cologne, eaux de toilette, after shave balm and accessories for the discerning gentleman. Created in the perfumery at Castle Forbes in Scotland, elegantly packaged in the Forbes clan tartan and carrying the family crest and logo. 

Castle Forbes was built in 1815 by Malcolm Forbes great-great-great grandfather, the 17th Lord Forbes, Scotland's premier Lord and Chief of the clan Forbes. Inspired by the beauty of the countryside surrounding his home, and the plants and flowers growing in the grounds, he and his wife created from their own perfumery in the castle grounds a collection of fragrances, gifts and seasonal products which emulates the history of their clan. Each item is finished with the family crest and the packaging features the Forbes tartan. The distinguished gentlemen will appreciate anything from this collection. Made in Scotland. 
Perfumery at Castle Forbes Heritage with style: In 1996 the former dairy beside Castle Forbes was converted into the world's smallest perfumery to accommodate Jinny Forbes passion for scents and essential oils which she uses to complement her home. With the help of family friend and perfumer Andrew French, and using only the finest natural oils in the classical manner of Haute Parfumerie, the Castle Forbes Collection has evolved into an exclusive range of top-quality fragrances. Now it includes eau de parfums for ladies and eau de toilettes, shaving creams, pre- and after-shaves for men, as well as linen sprays, soaps and other gift items based on themes from within the castle itself.  
1445 - The year the Forbes Clan Chief was made The First Lord of Scotland. Forty Seven years before Columbus sailed! Lonach - the battle cry of Clan Forbes! Now the name of their annual Highland Games.
Castle Forbes Collection of Fine Mens Fragrances
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