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All KALASTYLE SOAPS are natural and/or organic in color, fragrance, and ingredients. Many Kalastyle soaps have been made throughout Europe for over 100 years. These are very high quality soaps.

It all began in a New England farmhouse...well actually in an outbuilding shared with chickens, geese, and goats. The number of employees was 2, “Ka” and “La”. Inventory from Europe was stacked in our unheated garage otherwise known as “the shipping department". Everyday, we would pack orders in discarded liquor store boxes collected by car, late the night before. That was known as "A Box Run". To ship, the bathroom scale was confiscated. Holding a packed box, one of us would stand on the scale, then subtract our own weight. Three part invoices, written out by hand and added up on a vintage calculator, travelled with the boxes and 2 kids in our station wagon to the UPS hub. We could not afford the weekly UPS pick up fee, nor a shipping scale for that matter! Those were the days!  Today... we are fortunate enough to be able to look back on more than 20 years of finding great products, inventing great products and designing great packaging for those products. The chicken coop and garage turned into a 30,000 square foot building filled with inventory and the finest, hard-working employees on this planet. "LA" and I now live on a beautiful island where I also have my Kala Studio where I enjoy inspirational views and a dynamite design work space. I am one lucky chick! Our European suppliers are some of the oldest and finest companies in the world. We've had many good years together and many good times together along the way! NO animal testing EVER. 

Kalastyle Fine European Soaps

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