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GOLDDACHS Silvertip Badger Shave Brush - 76 1019 2601

SKU: 2913611399

Availability: In stock


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GOLDDACHS Silvertip Badger Shave Brush - black/ chrome handle silvertip badger brush

76 1019 2601

Why badger?
It creates and applies the lather quickly, generously and evenly. Badger is similar to human
hair in its remarkable ability to absorb water. It holds more water producing a richer shaving
lather, easily preparing for a better shave.

It is firm, yet elastic: the natural qualities of badger generate a rich and warm lather while
remaining elastic and gentle in application.

Uber soft texture: Pure, fi nest or silvertip badger hair is soft and gentle unlike boar bristles
or synthetics.

A very close shave: The natural soft bristles of badger soften and lift trapped hairs, bringing
suffi cient water and soap to the skin while effectively and gently exfoliating. This is the kindest
wet shave for sensitive skin.

Healthy skin: Daily use of a badger shaving brush massages the skin, while exfoliating any
excess. Hairs are made free for closer and cleaner shaving. With daily use, Golddachs brushes
mean clean, shiny hair and a healthy scalp

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