Nest Fragrance of New York

Discover a world of incredible fragrance for your home with the help of this luxurious collection today.

After a lengthy career on Wall Street, Laura Slatkin, alongside her husband, founded Nest Fragrance. With a passion for perfumes, the two created a line of luxury home fragrances, candles, and bath and body products that have since become a staple in many homes. The backbone of the award-winning Nest Fragrance collection is the flawless way it combines fragrances, texture, and color in a seamless fashion. The line began as a holiday collection of specialty candles featured in Neiman Marcus. Since then it has grown to include partnerships with the leading names from around world, such as Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Vera Wang, and many more of the world’s elite. The collection also went on to win the esteemed 2009 FiFi Award for “Interior Scent Collection of the Year” and continues to set the bar for standards in upscale fragrance products. We are honored to offer many products from the incomparable Nest Fragrance collection to help bring enticing scents to your home. We offer options from this reputable brand in various forms, including diffusers, candles, and hand soaps. For home scents to be perfect, they need to be the right amount of subtle yet noticeable as to not be overbearing. With the reed diffusers in this collection, you can get long-lasting fragrance that is always the right amount of powerful. These lush oils are alcohol-free and last for up to 90 days for fragrance you will love coming home to after a long day. For the ultimate in relaxation and aromatherapy, the candles offered by Nest Fragrance feature pleasing aesthetic and pleasant scents to help you unwind. Every candle is made carefully with a perfect blend of delightful corresponding colors to match the myriad of scents chosen for the piece. They are great all year long or as a relaxing way to celebrate the seasons, such as the wild pumpkin infused with ginger to evoke the feelings of autumn or the magic of winter with their vanilla scent blended with elements of orange and cinnamon to heighten the holiday cheer. 

Nest Fragrance of New York

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