Rigaud Candles, Diffusers & Room Sprays

Cypres (Green Forest) - A refreshing, natural fragrance reminiscent of cypress forests with woody scents.

Riguad Candles are of the finest, most elegant and highest quality candles made in the world. The Cypres candle was created over 100 years ago to fill the air of Madame Rigaud's fashion boutique on the Champs Elysees in Paris. As Madame Rigaud's customers noticed the refreshing scent of the Cypres candles they insisted on purchasing one for their homes, and thus the Rigaud Candle collection was born. Now only the finest stores in the world are offering the Rigaud collection of candles to their customers, which Opulence of Southern Pines is proud to be part of. The Rigaud Diffusers are new and a surprise to the senses. Rigaud invites you to discover a new way to delight your sense of smell and enhance your home with a light aroma. The reeds absorb the perfume and diffuse the fragrance day after day. Delicately arrange the 7 rattan reeds in the bottle and place it on a flat surface. Available in Caricou and Cypres.

Rigaud Candles, Diffusers & Room Sprays


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