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Sferra Utopia Eiderdown Soft Pillow

SKU: 2752736894

Availability: In stock

Sferra Utopia Eiderdown Soft Pillow. Five levels of amazing softness and warmth, all designed to cocoon you into the sweetest of dreams. S - 20 x 26" 12oz, Q - 20 x 30" 14oz, K - 20 x 36" 15oz.

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Sferra Utopia Eiderdown Soft Pillow

Five levels of amazing softness and warmth, all designed to cocoon you into the sweetest of dreams. S - 20 x 26" 12oz, Q - 20 x 30" 14oz, K - 20 x 36" 15oz.

We traveled the globe to bring you THE SFERRA DOWN COLLECTION, an amazing variety of down duvets and sleeping pillows. Carefully constructed of down clusters, which interlock and trap air to keep you warm, but also have the remarkable ability to keep you comfortable, THE SFERRA DOWN COLLECTION offers varying levels of fill power to customize the perfect sleeping experience.  A measure of efficiency, the higher the fill power number, the better the down and the greater its insulating value.  With a weight and a loft for everyone, one will be just right for you. Offered in sleeping pillows in Soft, Medium and Firm. All pillows are finished with a decorative piped edge. All pillows also have corner silks on the surface, which showcase brand and product name.

Utopia: 100% Eiderdown, 434 TC Pure German Ivory Silk Jacquard ticking, 2” baffle box construction

Q: What is Eiderdown?   A: Eiderdown is down that comes from the Eider, a large sea duck that lives on the northern coasts of Europe, Asia, and North America. The Eider's nest is built close to the sea and is lined with the celebrated eiderdown. This soft and warm lining has long been harvested for filling comforters and pillows. Although eiderdown comforters and pillows are now a rarity, eiderdown harvesting continues and is sustainable, as it can be done after the ducklings leave the nest with no harm to the birds. Eiderdown is exceptionally soft and has insulating properties far superior to any other down. Eiderdown is such a unique plumage. Fill power cannot accurately be measured because of the way each cluster clings to the other. Typical goose and duck down tends to sit loosely in a product and can shift and "flow." Eiderdown tends to hold together and is generally more resilient. This clingy behavior also makes it better at trapping air and, therefore, a better insulator. SFERRA’s Utopia features Eiderdown, as well as a beautiful German Silk Jacquard ticking, 12” baffle box construction, piped edging, corner loops, and a corner silk. Its price reflects its rarity and difficulty in obtaining.


Sferra Eiderdown Duvets & Pillows

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