Julianna Rae Sleepwear

Every one loves the joy of a rare find. What you find at Julianna Rae, you won't find any where else.

We started Julianna Rae to bring you clothes that are made with you in mind. PJs you'll never want to take off. Chemises as beautiful on you as they are comfortable to you. Camis you'll wear at home, at the office or for a night on the town. And you've liked them so much, you've asked us to expand into bras and panties so you could wear Julianna Rae morning, noon, and night. The great fit of our designs and the wonderful fabrics we use make you feel like the fabulous person you are and look like the beautiful woman you've always been! Original designs. Our garments are beautiful, unique and full of personality. Whether it's the intricate way we lay the lace, the unexpected embroidery, the fabulous prints, or a special cut to the fabric to make it drape beautifully on your body, we are passionate about our designs and believe you will welcome it. We know you have excellent taste and a confident sense of style. After all, you're here. The finest material and quality workmanship. Because we want everything to feel as good as it looks, we use luxurious silk, high thread count long fiber cotton, the most micro modal threads the mill can produce. We scour the globe for the right partners; ones that care about quality, have excellent tailoring skills, ones that will work to our - and your - high expectations. This results in the softest feeling fabric, an exceptional fit, a luxurious look, and a garment that lasts wash after wash. Unique details. We pay attention to the details of design that will make a difference to you. Most of our garments are cut on the bias to fit and flatter the curves of your body. This means our garments give you room to move and lounge (we have found that lounging comfortably actually requires apparel with movement!) while looking like it is just skimming your body. All our panties have non-binding elastics so they won't cut into your skin or give you those extra rolls you don't need.

Julianna Rae Exquisite Sleepwear

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