Private Holdings Boxer Briefs - The Real Boxer Brief

The ultimate sleepwear, loungewear and everyday wear for discrete men.

Women also enjoy the comfort of Private Holdings Boxers. For men, the age-old question has always been: Boxers or Briefs? Why not both? Private Holdings protects your most important assets while combining the look of a traditional boxer with the comfort and support of a brief.  Make the garment closest to you the most comfortable with Private Holdings. Available in Business Blue and Gulfstream Gingham Navy. The Private Holdings Story: Our journey began when one morning my husband decided that traditional boxers just weren’t controlling the situation anymore. Shortly thereafter, he began wearing those awful tighty-whities. This wife decided that just wasn’t happening. We decided to sew a supportive brief inside of a traditional and stylish boxer, and Private Holdings was born.  We wanted men to feel like they were sliding into a nice set of sheets at a high-end hotel. After more hours than we care to admit looking at men’s underwear, (the Internet police are probably monitoring us now), we decided this indeed was a one of a kind solution for men, boys, and gals of all ages. Private Holdings is for those who don’t like the fit of a boxer, but want the look. Whether your guy is walking around the house or changing in a locker or room, Private Holdings provides the the support of a brief, but with the style of a boxer. 

Private Holdings Boxer Briefs for Mostly Men but Women Love Them

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