Thea Fine Cottons and Luxury Sleepwear

The Thread of Hope for Economic Advancement Foundation, or THEA

A good night’s sleep has never been as easy as finding the perfect nightgown. Retire your constricting pajamas and explore the magical comfort of cotton. Dream as if you’re sleeping in the clouds when you wear Thea luxury sleepwear. Browse our wide selection of Thea fine cottons designed for light summer wear or for warmth during the colder months. We have so many styles to choose from that we are confident you’ll find a gown to match your individual taste. We guarantee you won’t want to wait for bedtime to slip into these cozy fashions.

Thea fine cottons feature the purest white imaginable in 100% medium weight cotton, and some styles may be purchased in a Rose Blossom color. Depending on your height, you have plenty of gown lengths to choose from among 37, 44, 51, 52, and 53-inch varieties. Our Thea collections include several of their signature styles, such as Fresia, Clematis, Opalina, Champaca, Poinsettia, and so much more. Each style was crafted to accentuate femininity and the timeless quality of a gown. From long sleeves to tank styles, we provide solutions to keep you warm and comfortable all year long.

Several of the Thea luxury sleepwear items we provide are semi-opaque and add that touch of subtle elegance you’ve been longing for. Choose from dainty embellishments such as scalloped lace trims, square necklines, collars, cuffs, and more. We have Thea nightgowns to match every style and personality. There’s a lot to cherish when you find the perfect nightgown. What sets these classic and contemporary French designs apart is that they are produced through socially responsible manufacturing practices. Thea began in the Philippines as a non-profit corporation that works to improve the economic circumstances for disadvantaged mothers and wives who cannot secure employment due to domestic responsibilities, lack of experience, or medical complications. These wonderful seamstresses are supported through decent wages as well as educational and health care development.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we strive to deliver the highest quality products for your home and everyday apparel. Bask in the lap of luxury by exploring our exceptional selection of Thea fine cottons today. If you have any questions about Thea’s signature line of garments or our inventory, please contact us today for further assistance.

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