Veréna Designer Sleepwear

Verena's gowns are made of 100 percent Fine Cotton Interlock.

Whether you’re sleeping in on the weekend or you’re pampering yourself for a big celebration, there’s no denying the necessity for a fine robe or sumptuous loungewear. The perfect pajamas can leave us feeling glowing and confident after a good night’s sleep or for the duration of a relaxing day. We proudly carry a wide selection of Veréna designer sleepwear for you to indulge your comfortable side. Browse our variety of pajamas, wrap coats, long shirts, and gowns. Each product is one-of-a-kind and will truly bring out your inner goddess.

Some of the most popular fabrics used in modern sleepwear or intimates include silk, linen, and rayon. What sets Veréna sleepwear apart from the rest is that each garment is made with 100% fine cotton interlock, which only gets softer with time. To stay warm the rest of the winter or for women who live in cooler climates, explore the wonderful variety of long pajamas we have to offer. You can choose between long sleeves and short sleeves, exclusively designed for your ultimate comfort the whole night through. Veréna’s long pajamas include several adorable styles, such as capris or long pajama pants.

Gowns are excellent ideas for women that like to feel as if they’re swimming in luxury. Choose from tank gowns, long shirts, buttoned shirts, Our superb selection of Veréna designer sleepwear includes long and short wrap coats, which you can choose standard trim or Veréna’s Copy Written Lace Design trim. Each lace accent is designed to be complex and intricate, providing an exclusive femininity that’s complemented by the cloth backing to create a three-dimensional appeal. We happily provide several collections of styles and sizes, including Opus Lites and Opus Plus.

Veréna sleepwear will have you channeling the European charm of classic lingerie and intimate styles. Sleep soundly when you shop from our premium selection today and allow your inner goddess to run wild in your dreams. If you have any questions about our line of Veréna designer sleepwear, please contact us today and a member of our team will assist you.

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