Yves Delorme Sleepwear

A luxury brand with a long history of greatness, Yves Delorme dates back to a silk processing mill in 1845.

With a focus on developing French textiles from the finest raw materials and carefully crafting them into exquisite designs, the brand has grown into a global name in the world of luxury. While they currently create a long list of fashionable and luxurious items, Yves Delorme sleepwear is one of their most heralded creations. Made with the richest materials thoughtfully cultivated for superior luxury and comfort, Yves Delorme sleepwear offers exceptional robes, pajamas, and more for a night of rest in relaxation and peace.

When it comes to Yves Delorme sleepwear, their robes are the most heralded of all their creations. Robes are soft to the feel and made in Paris from only the best cotton for a luxurious lounging accessory of the highest standards. Their collections of robes are available in various styles such as wraps, hoods, shawl collars, and kimonos. Regardless of style chosen, they are all in terry or velour with a jacquard pattern or with exquisite embroidery for a stylish and sleek piece of apparel that invites you warmly into a nest of relaxation and comfort. Many options are unisex in design for a universal appeal because the elements of superior comfort should exceed gender and be accessible for all. Best of all, they are easy to care for and won’t impede your busy lifestyle the way other luxury robes might. With a simple machine wash and dry, they are ready to envelop you in satisfying comfort once more without a trip to the cleaners. Discover a better way to relax with an inviting robe from this cherished designer.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we are pleased to be your destination for all your luxury home needs. With an inventory of items from only the most distinguished names in the world, we are confident you will find the perfect new addition for you. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact a staff member for further assistance.

Yves Delorme

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