Laurence Tavernier Pajamas and Gowns

French Designer Sleepwear for Discriminate Tastes

Straight from the boudoir styles of Lyon, Laurence Tavernier delivers creative and comfortable loungewear for any woman inspired by French styles and indulgence. Fusing high-end fashion with functional designs, we offer an exceptional collection of Laurence Tavernier pajamas for you to choose from. Take your pick from our delightful assortment of designer nightshirts, chemises, and pajamas. Each piece is made from either white cotton voile or ivory silk sateen to provide the incomparable feeling of extravagance. Find your favorite design by browsing our selection today!

Slip into something comfortable and relax at home or at the spa with any of the chic Laurence Tavernier gowns we have available. Each gown features a distinct lace embellishment, providing the perfect touch of classic elegance. If you’re searching for coordinates to keep you warm throughout the colder seasons, our rich variety of Laurence Tavernier pajamas are just the thing you’re looking for. With fun stripes and feminine colors, her pajamas are perfect for kicking back on movie night or sleeping in on the weekend.

Founded in the tradition of couture, Laurence Tavernier's designs accentuate sophisticated details, luxurious fabrics, and innovative talent. Her collection provides a unique balance between discretion and grace while continually anticipating modern demands. If you’re a contemporary woman looking for a little traditional flair, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a wide range of sizes and sleepwear designs to suit every sense of comfortable style.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we strive to bring you the hottest trends in comfortable sleepwear and treasures to enjoy around the home. If you have any questions about our product collections or would like help finding the best product for you and your lifestyle, contact a member of our team today for further assistance. Feel positively French and magnificent each morning when you wake by taking a closer look at our extravagant collection of Laurence Tavernier gowns and designer sleepwear coordinates today!

Laurence Taverier of Paris Lingerie

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