Thea Fine Cotton Gowns and Pajamas

The Thread of Hope for Economic Advancement Foundation, or THEA

Keeping with the tradition of handcrafted quality, Thea is a non-profit corporation that began in the Philippines in 1988 as a reliable resource for Manila mothers and disadvantaged women to develop valuable skills and receive fair wages. What’s more, this corporation supports education and health care programs to improve the lives of the women who craft incomparable loungewear for you to enjoy. Indulge yourself in the angelic beauty of pure cotton and the grace of high fashion designs when you browse our selection of Thea fine cotton gowns and pajamas.

Our selection of Thea fine cotton pajamas includes a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your individual style. From exquisite gowns to cozy robes, this collection leaves nothing to be desired. Our assortment includes a rich variety of Thea’s signature designs, including Fresia, Opalina, Sampaguita, Champaca, Poinsettia, and many other trendy nighttime styles. Choose your favorite from short sleeve, long sleeve, or sleeveless options. With delicate embellishments on every collar and sleeve, these gowns place modern twists on the nightdresses that women have worn since the nineteenth century. Sleep soundly in a traditional way by exploring Thea’s fashions today!

We spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, so why not invest in the best night’s sleep with the finest materials? Thea fine cotton gowns are made from 100% cotton lawn fabric, resulting in a silky, untextured feel to enjoy the whole night through. We provide sleep garments in light- or medium-weight cottons. Feeling restricted in your current pajamas? Our flowy gowns and robes are the keys to retiring your uncomfortable loungewear.

Enjoy the feminine opulence of haute couture when you choose Thea fine cotton pajamas. Each product we offer will add a touch of soft and sheer allure to make you feel and look your best. If you’re tired of wearing your department store pajamas and you want to make the most socially responsible choices in clothing, look no further than Thea fine cotton gowns and pajamas. Contact us today with any questions about our product collections or services!

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