Handkerchiefs & Silk Eyeshades

The subject of a highly debated history, handkerchiefs were often considered a sign of the wealthy.

In the olden days, only the rich had handkerchiefs, and King Louis XVI declared that no handkerchief could exceed his in size. He also made a declaration that they would all be square, ensuring that each one was similar. However, many times women would embroider theirs or their husbands to add a bit of personal embellishment. We have a great selection of fine handkerchiefs to choose from.

To this day, embellished or embroidered handkerchiefs are a fashion statement and considered an important piece to outfits. We offer handkerchiefs for men and women including lace handkerchiefs, as well as cotton, and embroidered options. For men, it is a symbol of being a gentleman to offer a lady his handkerchief if she needs it. For women, it is a sign of delicacy, and can also be used for a variety of needs. In some cases, lace handkerchiefs are even used in interior design, adding a touch of vintage elegance to a home.

We also offer a variety of silk eyeshades to help you receive the best sleep that you can. While many sleep masks are made of synthetic materials, Bona Notti’s are all made from silk, offering comfort and skin protection, ensuring that you are wearing something that will keep your skin glowing and wrinkle free, rather than something that will contribute to the ever-present aging process. The silk eyeshades offered by Bona Notti are a luxury for anyone to use and are available in a variety of beautiful prints.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, we encourage you to only have the finest products in your life. Whether that is a luxury bedspread or a piece of fine bedroom furniture, you should only have the best in your life. If you need help locating a product to fit your needs, please contact a knowledgeable staff member. They will be happy to assist you with your purchase.

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