Alashan's Cashmere Loungewear

Alashan is Home to the World's Finest Cashmere.

Since the fourteenth century, cashmere has found its way into our scarves, sweaters, and throw blankets. This popular material comes from the fleece of the cashmere goat, a breed often found in Asia and the Middle East. This luxurious fiber has grown in popularity and will likely never fall out of style. Our exclusive collection of Alashan’s cashmere loungewear provides a diverse range of comfortable clothing options for lounging around your home on the weekend or wrapping up to keep warm at night while toasting marshmallows around a campfire. Whichever adventures you choose, you can take the comfort of cashmere with you. Explore our selection of wraps, ponchos, and throw blankets today to introduce the opulence of cashmere to your everyday routine!

Whether you’re in the mood for a scarf or a full wrap, the travel wraps featured in our Alashan loungewear collection are some of the most versatile accessories you could use on cool autumn nights or if the air conditioning in your office sends chills down your spine. Banish the shivers by wrapping yourself in two-ply cashmere. Choose your favorite hue from Alashan’s 56 vibrant and feminine colors, ranging from honeydew to pomegranate. Whether knit or woven, each garment we offer is made from the finest quality of cashmere, so you can expect lasting comfort and warmth. If you need something special to keep your shoulders warm while you wear your favorite dress to dinner, a celebration, or any formal occasion, the elegant Alashan loungewear poncho will add the perfect touch of extravagant comfort. This hybrid can also be worn four ways and is available in a myriad of delectable colors. If your wardrobe already has enough wraps or ponchos, you can still attain the comfort of cashmere by choosing a basket weave or plain weave knit throw blanket.

At Opulence of Southern Pines, our promise is to deliver the finest fashions and home accessories available. Browse our selection today, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with something that speaks to you. Our Alashan’s cashmere loungewear collection features cashmere in a modern way with fun styles that can be worn for any occasion. Surround yourself in softness of cashmere by discovering our exceptional varieties today!

Alashan's Cashmere Throws, Ponchos and Travel Wraps - Alashan is Home to the World's Finest Cashmere

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