Barefoot Dreams, Bamboo Chic Lite and CozyChic Robes for Adults, Youth, and Kids

Barefoot Dreams is on Oprah's Favorite List!

The sumptuous softness of theBamboo Chic Lite and CozyChic Robe isn't reserved for children alone. Envelope yourself in a lush Bamboo Chic Lite and CozyChic Grown Up Robe and watch the cares of the world fade away. This most luxurious robe will turn your home into a spa. Made of Barefoot DreamsBamboo Chic Lite and CozyChic knit, the Grown Up Robe is shawl collared, double belt looped (shown left), while both the Youth and Kids' Robes are hooded and double belt looped. Comfort defined for the entire family. The greatest feature of Bamboo Chic Lite and CozyChic is that it gets softer and cozier with each washing! Bamboochic poly-microfiber knit is washable and dryable. Available in a variety of colors. "Oprah's favorite things can be your favorite things! Barefoot Dreams' robes and throws were featured on Oprah's favorite things holiday 2003 show."

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