Goody Goody Robes

It all started with a cute new baby girl and a pair of handmade leather infant shoes.

What began as a venture to create handmade leather infant shoes blossomed into a fashionable force of indulgence. Over two decades, Goody Goody has offered luxury slippers and apparel for the ultimate level of comfort. Their colorful collections are handcrafted with delicate woven silks and fanciful detail inspired by beautiful fabrics, floral patterns, and the invincible power of love. If you’re looking for an extraordinary robe to slip into after a long day at work or running errands, you have come to the right place. Opulence of Southern Pines is the one-stop shop for finding marvelous fashions for evening or casual wear. Explore our selection of Goody Goody robes today!

If you crave color and want a visually stimulating robe to wear while you make breakfast for your family or enjoy your first cup of coffee, look no further than Goody Goody robes. Each robe in our exclusive collection is seasonally or naturally inspired. The Autumn design features brown polka dot velvet with a bronze silk and multicolored trim and belt for secure coverage when you need it most. We guarantee you will feel like royalty the moment you slip it on.

Feeling floral? We have just the cure. The Daisy design by Goody Goody is bright and delightful, offering the perfect cover-up for any of your lingerie or intimate sleepwear during the warmer seasons. This style features a sheer floral pattern embellished with pink, purple, and blue velvet flowers and vibrantly green leaves. The pink polka dotted silk trim offers the perfect blend of patterns to create a multidimensional look.

Fun prints are Goody Goody’s specialty. Their Midnight design blends the best of green and blue hues to create a romantic appeal you won’t be able to resist. Another widely popular design is the Jane robe, which features an exotic leopard print on velvet. These robes also feature silk ruffles on the sleeve cuffs and lining at the bottom, reminiscent of the traditional nightgowns and eveningwear worn by high-society ladies for centuries. Update your nighttime look by browsing our Goody Goody robes collection. If you have any questions about this brand, please contact us today for further assistance.

Goody Goody Slippers & Robes

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