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Classic Contemporary French Designs Gowns and Robes.

The Thread of Hope for Economic Advancement Foundation, or THEA

THEA is a non-profit corporation, established in the Philippines in 1988. THEA was begun in the Philippines by Marie de la Soudiere of France who designs each style. Its primary objective is to improve the situation of economically disadvantaged families in Manila whose adults, essentially mothers, are unable to work full time away from home because of domestic responsibilities, lack of skill, or health reasons. THEA provides skills training and jobs for more than 100 women who are among the poorest in Manila. Each woman receives a decent wage and the organization supports education and health care programs. THEA's goal is to enable each woman to lift herself out of poverty and to reach a level of economic independence. In order for this effort to be a success, a market for her labor had to be developed. Today, THEA’s beautifully crafted garments are available throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan. Thea's Soft & White Night Collections of Gowns and Robes are made of fine white, soft and sheer, Cotton Lawn Fabric. The Collections Features fine white,light weight and  medium weight, cotton that gets softer after each washing. Thea gowns & Robes feature lots of French Entredeux, Victorian Bridging, Lace Insertions, Rope Piping, and Lace Trim. Thea’s Collections are white, and made of 100% cotton, exclusive of the trimming. These Luxurious gowns & robes feature the highest quality fabric and workmanship.

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