Goody Goody Slippers

It all started with a cute new baby girl and a pair of handmade leather infant shoes.

Opulence of Southern Pines offers a wide selection of the most beautiful and comfortable loungewear and accessories so you can spend less time shopping around and more time relaxing. Indulge in a spa day at home by exploring our remarkable selection of Goody Goody slippers. What began as a venture to create handmade leather infant shoes blossomed into a fashionable force of luxury. Over two decades, Goody Goody has offered boutique slippers and apparel that lasts for years of comfort. Looking for a comfy alternative to sandals or your slippers that have lost their cushion? Look no further than our selection of Goody Goody Slippers.

Goody Goody’s colorful collections are handcrafted with delicate woven silks and fanciful detail inspired by beautiful fabrics, floral patterns, and the invincible power of love. Slip into a comfortable pair of Goody Goody slippers after a long day at work or miles on the road. Our selection offers a wide range of colors and styles to choose from, but you may find it difficult to choose just one!

Tarzana booties feature a brown and black leopard printed velvet with a decorative red silk flower, green silk leaves, and dark green velvet ruffles along the top of the slipper. This design is especially great for wearing in the colder months, because the ruffles collect at the ankles, keeping you warm and safe from the chill of winter or autumn. We also offer several styles of open-heeled slippers so you can slip into them with ease. Each design features rounded toes and elastic backs for a secure fit. The suede soles provide all-day comfort for lounging on the weekends or snuggling up on the couch to watch your favorite film.

Looking for the perfect gift to give to your special someone or a dear friend? Goody Goody slippers are exquisitely bohemian and make for excellent birthday, anniversary, or holiday gifts that are sure to delight any potential wearer. Explore our marvelous collection of slippers and booties to find the perfect pair for you or your loved ones. Their intricate and colorful designs are sure to start some conversations. If you have any questions about this brand or the products we carry, contact us today!

Goody Goody Slippers & Robes

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