Olivia Riegel

Ideal for a wedding, bridal, or anniversary gift or just a gift from the heart, the Olivia Riegel collection offers exquisitely crafted home décor and women’s accessories.

When acclaimed artist Jon Morris set out to create beautiful designs as a tribute to his beloved grandmother’s taste for elegance, the Olivia Riegel collection was born. Since launching in 2000, it has gained a loyal following of buyers. With a focus on the timeless beauty of the past melded with modern interpretations by this skilled artisan, every piece showcases the stunning commitment to honoring beauty and traditional grace while still offering modern day appeal for generations to come.  We are honored to offer such impeccable items from the Olivia Riegel line to add elegance and beauty to your world. From picture frames and bottle stoppers to trinket boxes and umbrellas, this collection has something special to meet your needs. Every item has been crafted from superior materials, including glimmering Swarovski crystals, cast pewter, and black moiré silk, and finished by hand for a truly exceptional result. With incredible attention to even the most minute of details, the exquisite charm of each piece offered would make a lovely gift for any special occasion and are often given as gifts to loved ones. The pieces in this collection are beautiful enough to be considered artwork yet still completely functional, making them the best of both aesthetic appeal and purposefulness. Whether looking for a fun bottle stopper shaped like a pineapple encrusted with carefully placed crystals, a breathtaking picture frame of delicate grace with perfectly meshed silver and crystal edging, or a heart shaped box with intricate designs hand-carved from stunning silver, our selection offers rich beauty in every piece. Invite elegance and glamor into your home today with the truly stunning creations of Olivia Riegel. We carefully select every designer and brand we offer based on their quality and beauty. If you have any question about these products or any of the products we proudly offer, we would be happy to help. Contact us today for further information or assistance in finding the perfect luxury items for your needs.

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