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Luxury Bed Linens & Down at all 3 Opulence of Southern Pines' Store Locations and Online.

You deserve the best in life, especially when shopping for ways to turn a house into a home. With our selection of luxury bedding, you can relax and rest in the epitome of comfort while indulging in exceptional style and taste. Finding the right luxury linens can be time-consuming for savvy shoppers. Our inventory features options that can live up to your impeccably high standards.

With an expansive collection featuring over 20 leading brands, including names like Anali, Anichini, Ann Gish, Pine Cone Hill, Frette, and many more, you are sure to find the luxury linens to suit your needs. All of the high-quality bedding options we proudly offer display the hallmarks of signature luxury, style, and comfort expected of such prestigious names. When choosing luxury bedding, novices look for thread count alone as an indicator of quality. Skilled shoppers know quality is about more than just one factor alone. For luxury linens to be truly exceptional, it is all about the manufacturing process and materials used to create the end result. Our inventory of bedding features options of impeccable comfort and softness created by an array of honed techniques and using luxurious materials, including the long staple Egyptian cotton, washable silks, and more, for bedding made to impress even the most incredulous of shoppers.

We offer many options that feature a thread count of 1000 or higher for a soft, comfortable sleeping experience. Aside from the incredible comfort and quality these luxury items afford you, they are also beautiful to look at and make for a stylish addition to any bedroom. Whether in search of a perfectly embroidered pillow for a touch of personality, a thick throw for a cozy cover-up, or an entire bedding set of exceptional elegance, our collection of fine bedding and linens has what you need to turn any room into a luxurious hideaway. From enticing down pillows to stunning duvets, find your signature style with our luxurious collection.

All of our bedding is hypoallergenic for comfort ideal for all. If you have any questions about these options, please feel free to contact us for further assistance 910-692-2744.

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